National Indigenous People’s Day 2019

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Below are some resources you may find useful as you and your students consider Indigenous Cultures on June 21st, National Indigenous People’s Day; a day for celebrating the heritage, diverse cultures and outstanding achievements of First Nations, Inuit and Métis!


Coast Salish Welcome Song

Indigenous Women’s Warrior Song


National Indigenous People’s Day  Government website: Includes information about what this day is all about and free downloadable promotional resources that includes posters and educational activities.

To discover the many Indigenous cultures in Canada, explore The Quilt of Belonging.   Teacher’s Guide. Activities for Children.

Display of the 233 blocks in the Quilt of Belonging.

2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages as declared by the United Nations.

SWSW Digital Library has some links to Halq’emelem, Hul’qumi’num, Michif, Ojibwe, Mik’maq and Cree. Click here to hear and start learning these Indigenous Languages.

June is Indigenous History Month.   Below are some resource links.

Government of Canada – Indigenous History

Here is a local video sharing aspects of Sto:lo Culture.


Our Belongings : A:WKW – from Sq’ewlets, a Coast Salish Community in the Fraser Valley.  A digital record of archeological artifacts with accompanying information.

Museum of Anthropology (MOA), UBC.  Digital Collection

Below are some video biographies of famous Indigenous people and historical figures whose stories are told within the History Channel’s documentary series, “The Canadians”. (each video is about 60m in length.)

Jay Silverheels was an Indigenous actor (1937 to 1980) who blazed a trail for Indigenous actors who came after him.  His most famous role was that of Tonto  (“The Lone Ranger”) in the early days of television.

Pauline Johnson was a famous Indigenous poet and author whose work continues to resonate today.

Gabriel Dumont is an important figure in the fight for Metis rights within Canada.  The Gabriel Dumont Institute in Manitoba stands as a legacy to his life.

If you’d like to view more resources, check out the SWSW Digital Library links below:

Social Studies Connections

Journey Into Time Immemorial

9000 Years of History in the Land of the River People

Art and Music Connections

Indigenous Student Created videos

We hope you found some insights to Indigenous peoples’ history and culture through these web resources.