A Journey Into Time Immemorial

A Journey Into Time Immemorial is an original creation of the SFU Museum of Anthropology and Ethnology with active participation from local Sto:lo Elders and knowledge keepers.  It was originally a Virtual Museum of the Sto:lo people.  Given it was created in 2008, the program platform became outdated.  This valuable resource is now offline.  SFU did give permission to download the information, thus to save as much of it as we could.  This page is an archive of information from this website to be used for educational purposes.

A Journey Into Time Immemorial :  Archive

A Journey Into Time Immemorial Videos (11 videos on SWSW YouTube Channel) : Includes Elders being interviewed on many topics such as weaving, First Salmon Ceremony, Welcome Song, and more.

Transcripts (in Word program) of videos found on the original website: 

Welcome Song       Importance of a Song       Longhouse Welcome         Pithouse Welcome

Importance of a Name     Chief Malloway Receives His Name

Responsibilities of Elders         Type of Elders         Roles of Elders

Stolo People           Family Interaction         Xaatlat Connections to Family

Canoes         Importance of Salmon         First Salmon Ceremony

Importance of Cedar         Minnie Peters Stolo Weaver         Minnie’s Blanket Story

Spinning Wool Weaving and Blankets         Minnie’s Weave Plan and Teaching        Looms and Colouring

Winter Dances         The Story of Mount Cheam         The Story of Hatzic Rock       Story of the Flood

Pictures and Information (in Word program):

Pictures of Places in a Stolo Village

Weaving         Salmon and Fishing     Cedar