Art/Music Connections


Information Sheet: Discover Inuit Art (Primary, Intermediate)

Roy Henry Vickers : This BC First Nations artist’s commercial website that offers pictures of his paintings along with commentary about many of them.

Thomas King, “I’m Not the Indian You Had in Mind” : Creative video dramatization of Thomas King’s spoken word poem “I’m Not the Indian You Had in Mind”.  (Middle School, High School)

Northwest Coast Painted Designs : “This educational resource focuses on Northwest Coast two-dimensional painted design. It is inspired by Lyle Wilson’s exhibition “Paint: The Painted Works of Lyle Wilson, …”  Includes detailed lesson plans along with resources (pictures and stories) to use within the lesson.  (Primary)

Luke Marston :  This Coast Salish artist’s commercial website that offers a biography with video,  and slide shows of the developmental stages of some of his projects.

Susan Point : This Coast Salish artist’s commercial website, offering a biography of the artist, and a description of Coast Salish history and culture.  Digital galleries of her work are also presented.


Information Sheet: First Nations Music in Canada (Primary, Intermediate)

Rebel Music: Native America “Around the world, young musicians, activists and others are risking their lives to demand change and battle oppression and injustice. One country at a time, the acclaimed documentary series, “Rebel Music,” illuminates and amplifies the untold stories of these fearless artists rising up against social and political barriers to forge a better future. Launched in 2013 and now in its second six-part season, “Rebel Music” shines a light on the real young people who are wielding the unlimited power of music and art to connect, inspire and ignite action.” Lesson Plans here, and a Native American music playlist here.  (Middle School, High School)