Information Sheet: Aboriginal Sports Timeless Play (Primary, Intermediate)

Information Sheet: Arctic Winter Games (Primary, Intermediate)

Aboriginal Curriculum Integration Project : Lesson 1 PE Active Living  (Includes blackline masters).  From Cowichen Valley School District #79. “The Aboriginal Curriculum Integration Project is committed to honouring the values, cultures and perspectives of British Columbia’s Aboriginal people. The knowledge derived from local Aboriginal experts will be valued and utilized respectfully.” (Middle School, High School)

The lesson plan above refers to a video that is not shown.  Here is an alternate video that may  integrate very well into the lesson plan:  Northern Indigenous Lacrosse (17:17 min.)  You can find the sections you would like to show for the purposes of the lesson plan.

First Nations Inspired DPA Activities : OPHEA (Ontario Physical and Health Education Association) has developed 30 specific and well laid out lesson plans incorporating Aboriginal Worldview Perspectives. (Primary, Intermediate, Middle School)

Physical Education : First Nations, Métis & Inuit Content & Perspectives Integration : The Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools created lesson suggestions incorporating traditional aboriginal dance, music and games for Grade 1-5 and Grade 6-8 .  “You will not find lesson plans here, but you will be pointed in a direction from which you may be able to find your own resources and your own ideas for FNMI content. …. Pick and choose activities from anywhere, especially those that are suitable for you and your students. These are very open-ended activities and can be used across grade levels.” (Primary, Intermediate, Middle School)

The introduction provides information on protocol for the teaching and learning of traditional dances.  There is an expectation that students have some background in FNMI traditional rhythms and music prior to learning the dances. (Primary, Intermediate, Middle School)